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Overflow elements from the Viennese specialist: air-conducting soundproofed links

Overflow elements are components between two rooms that have an additional airflow and therefore enable a more active air exchange. We, the team from Bauklimatik GmbH, have recognised the advantages and applied for a patent for our silenced overflow elements. This was developed in the period from 2006 to 2009 and in December 2011 finally registered with the patent number 509246.

For the first time, the clever overflow elements came to use 2010 in the largest childcare centre of Lower Austria (Maria Enzersdorf). Due to the positive experience, the city of Vienna implemented a natural ventilation concept using overflow elements within the scope of the Education Campus project Vienna, the largest education campus of the city of Vienna. Since then we have been able to convince many customers of our product in order to create a better indoor climate in schools, kindergartens, public buildings etc.

Better learning and working – our idea for innovative ventilation concepts

School is changing. Learning concepts change and with it also the requirements for learning environments. The topic sustainability is playing an increasingly important role. It is also obvious that well-being leads to positive learning success. For this reason, we offer flexible solutions for ventilation concepts that sustain the fun in learning. After all, it's not a novelty that fresh air has a significant influence on the students’ ability to concentrate.

This is where our overflow elements come into play. They are both suitable for wall installation (as stud walls) as well as for ceiling installation (in the form of trays). The body of the overflow elements is made of wood, which is a sustainable and natural material. Because no moving parts are installed, the construct does not rely on a power supply. Other advantages include:

  • Fast, easy assembly
  • Low pressure loss
  • Highest sound insulation for ceiling and wall installation
  • Improvement of air exchange efficiency
  • Increase in the number of air changes

This is how our overflow elements are designed

The body of the overflow element is manufactured out of wood-based panels. The sound box is in the upper area. In addition, a highly absorbent silencer is implemented over the entire height of the overflow element. Because of the position of the sound box and the silencer, cleaning is possible at any time. The ventilation slots on opposite ends enable a smooth airflow. There are no universal solutions when installing the elements, which is why a lot of flexibility is required. The items can easily be installed vertically in the wall as well as in the suspended ceiling. The attachment is made with robust steel brackets.

The result with our product is, that you have a permanent maintenance-free and soundproofed air-leading connection in the partition between two separate rooms. Thus, an overflow from one room to the other is possible without bringing about a deterioration in sound insulation.

Do you have any questions or want to know more about our patented overflow elements? Then contact us. We are gladly at your service for a personal consultation.

Overflow elements of bauklimatik
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