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Natural ventilation with the system "Klassenbester" regulator – automated and controlled

Whether it be at work, at school or in public facilities – to create a comfortable indoor climate, but at the same time increase well-being and the ability to perform, fresh air is essential. With natural ventilation old and used air is emitted through openings in the structure and replaced by fresh air.

This has numerous advantages: For example, moisture which can lead to mould and therefore serious construction defects can be counteracted. This air exchange is important, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to implement, as modern buildings are (need to be) designed to be increasingly airtight. Natural ventilation is therefore only possible by opening windows! And exactly here we can apply the automated natural ventilation with the system “Klassenbester” (“class winner”) controller.. We give you everything you need to create an ideal indoor climate!

That is why regular ventilation plays such an important role

We know that natural ventilation always depends on climate, the external conditions and the seasons. Differences in temperature, air pressure, winds and the like are important parameters that affect the volume of air that flows through the rooms and thus leads to the desired air exchange. If not ventilated much or not at all, the CO² content increases, so that the people present become increasingly tired and feel unfocused. But too generous ventilation also leads to negative effects. It leads to energy loss, more uncomfortable drafts and cooling the room. Anyone depending on ventilation systems does not have to open the windows regularly, however, one needs to keep in mind the following: The air flow must travel a relatively long way, going through the ventilation ducts in which there are impurities, which then get into the rooms.

With our tailor-made ventilation concepts we optimise the oxygen content in the rooms – for example in the classroom or office. We rely on an automated system: With the so-called automated natural ventilation the airflow is controlled by the window opening brackets. The system works 24/7. It takes care of sufficient air exchange – even during the heating season – and without the room cooling down too much or overheating. The result is optimal room conditions for every season. This is exactly where the system “Klassenbester” comes into play!

Fully automated opening and closing of windows for the perfect indoor climate

Our system “Klassenbester” is connected with electrical window opening brackets and thus ensures a permanent natural ventilation. The system has 3 functions:

  1. It collects data about the room temperature, the CO² content as well as the parameters of the outside climate.
  2. It calculates the perfect opening angle for each window.
  3. It causes the opening brackets close or open the windows.

Why should you choose our ventilation system? The advantages of controller are obvious:

  • No additional installations that take up space unnecessarily
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Lower CO² emissions
  • Complete control over ventilation
  • Minimal maintenance and manageable maintenance costs
  • Easy retrofitting if needed

The drives are installed on the windows and are connected to the controller as well as the control element. If necessary, the skylights open and close – you can choose different speed levels. It enables controlled air exchange, without annoying drafts.

We advise you on our innovative ventilation system – contact us

Do you want to know more about natural ventilation or experience our intelligent controllers? Feel free to contact our team from Vienna – we look forward to hearing from you with your enquiry and take the time for a personal consultation!

Ventilation with the "Klassenbester"
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