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Wind load simulation

CFD programmes are also used for wind load simulations. They offer practical numerical approximation solutions by approximating the differential equations with a system of algebraic equations. Again, we apply discretisation methods for finite differences, finite elements and finite volume method. This way, envelope surfaces – for example for halls with different variant studies – can be examined for wind loads. Also, comprehensive information for the statics on the envelope surface are determined in this manner.

Special examinations of gusts and turbulence resulting from this can be developed as well. The results of the simulation on the one hand make statements about the air velocities (m / s), on the other hand they determine the pressure distributions on the envelope surface. We also use the Autodesk software in this area.

Any questions? We are happy to help you – feel free to reach out to our team in Vienna!

Lastanalyse Systemhallen der Fa. Modular

Ermittlung der Druckbeiwerte zur statischen Optimierung.

Analyse einer Böe von 80 km/h auf 100 km/h in 4 Sekunden.

Windanalyse eines Hochhauses

Minimierung der Windgeschwindigkeiten in Loggien für ein Hochhaus.

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