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Building diagnostics

Quality assurance is vitally important for the client and his building project. A renovation without a professional inventory analysis with appropriate substance considerations can quickly lead to the fact that in the course of a supposed renovation obvious defects are eliminated, but not the real cause.

Also, the quality assurance in the event of any improvements are often within the warranty and therefore of great advantage for the client.

We create a structure according to the current standards corresponding expert opinion (inventory analysis, registration of construction defects, registration of consequential damage) and appropriate suggestions for remedying defects or an entire renovation concept including cost forecast.

As part of the construction supervision, we check the offers from the respective executives for the client and advise him at the placing of the order. During the construction phase we accompany and monitor the construction work until completion. Possible defects that may arise can therefore be recognized and regulated or eliminated in advance.

But we are also happy to check expert reports and provide a judicially appointed expert or list of questions for court experts in the context of the remedial action available.

Chimney renovation parliament

Physical processing of the masonry on the chimney head of the historic chimneys in the parliament building.

Ramp renovation parliament

In the course of the new main entrance’s construction the ramp was completely renovated. Because of the leaking Pallas Athena, the masonry was damp. This required a concept for building diagnostics and revitalization of the existing masonry.

What’s special:
The renovation and construction of the visitor entrance was implemented without draining of the masonry. A concept was worked out in which the masonry can dry out over the course of its use.


Grafenegg Castle, Lower Austria


  • Renewing and restoring a defective roof covering including rain gutterSalt reduction and drying of the moist areas in the masonry
  • Professional drainage of the plinth area both inside as well as outside
  • Restoration of a surface protection of the whole exposed masonry, especially in the plinth area
  • Knock off plaster from inside walls and expose joints by 2cm
  • Production of a rear-ventilated front cover including heating foil

What’s special:
Masonry renovation concept without chemicals and cutting of the masonry.

1. Brick inventory | 2. Mortar joint | 3. Protective layer with slaked lime | 4. Airspace ventilation 5. Plasterboard / gypsum fibreboard

6. Drainage Agrosiel DN 150 | 7. Sloping concrete | 8. Pat shock 9. Gravel 16 / 32mm | 10. Drainage fleece | 11. Lawn stone / larch post | 12. Coarse gravel by choice | 13. Gravel stock | 14. Heating film from the company Sonnstrahl | 15. VSS with 3-4 cm rear ventilation | 16. Floor construction according to building physics

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