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The service provided by Bauklimatik GmbH is diverse with a strong focus on interdisciplinary work. For better orientation of our customers we divide our service into the areas of acoustics, building physics, energy planning, noise protection, building technology and fire protection. We also offer simulations and ventilation concepts.

Because in many cases our customers' projects cannot simply be assigned to a single field of work, our performance profile is customized depending on the necessary requirements.

An extract from our field of activity:

  • Noise protection: technical investigations for commercial building of restaurants, discos, air conditioning systems, etc. with the noise simulation programme (immission forecast) Soundplan
  • Thermodynamic simulations (TRNSYS) of office buildings for evidence of the absence of air in conditioning systems, also see construction project BH Kirchdorf
  • Comfort and flow analysis (CFD) of office space, classrooms, etc. for projecting natural ventilation concepts
  • Using our measuring instruments, evidence and inventory, we carry out surveys, e.g. for sound measurements, comfort measurements, temperature and humidity measurements, thermographic studies using a thermal imaging camera, vibration analysis, etc.
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