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Building technology with Bauklimatik GmbH, the professional for technical building equipment

House and building technology as well as technical building equipment (short: TBE) include technical systems that are permanently set up and installed in a building. They can be functionally assigned to the building and are required for its smooth operation. The purpose of building technology is to make the object “usable” for its residents and perform various security tasks. On the one hand, building technology can mean necessary features such as sewerage, power supplies and lighting. On the other hand, the term also includes all additional equipment used to automate operations in buildings.

Many planners believe that especially building technology is crucial for the comfort and functionality of an object. In our opinion, that's just partly true. Because we, the team at Bauklimatik GmbH from Vienna, do the preliminary design planning by considering the technical and business management feasibility of the respective systems from the start. From this perspective, we are the right partners for the successful handling of small as well as large projects.

The results of the energy planning phase let us obtain important parameters that significantly influence the choice of corresponding building technology and plant components. To us, typical energy-economic plans include:

  • Ventilation systems
  • Absorption chillers
  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Combined heat and power plants
  • Biomass and combustion plants for process heat and space heating supply
  • Refrigeration plants with alternative energy sources (energy facade)

In terms of building technology, we have already implemented the following project types successfully:

  • Hotel facilities with up to 220 rooms and SPA area
  • Nursing homes with up to 80 rooms with kindergarten
  • Several restaurant renovations in the inner city area, including filing with the commercial authority
  • Exclusive loft conversions
  • Office building with component activation, combined heat and power plant and adsorption chiller
  • Office building with component activation, combined heat and power plant and adsorption chiller
  • And much more

Our range of services in the field of building technology has convinced you? We will gladly take care of your projects. Contact our experts and arrange a consultation appointment with us!

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