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Solar Active House Molkereistraße 7

The town house is to be built as a 'solar active house'. This means that the heat supply of the building will be provided all year round by a highly efficient brine-water heat pump with approx. 1200 running metres of deep boreholes. In addition, a thermal solar system with a collector surface of approx. 35-40 m² will be installed, which is directly integrated into the heating circuit. Furthermore, the heat gained is also used for brine pre-heating by means of a buffer storage tank plate (component activation) in the basement. The solar system is integrated into the thermal insulation composite system on the south facade. A south-facing photovoltaic system of approx. 35 m² is installed on the roof to partially cover the heat pump's electricity requirements. A central comfort ventilation system with heat recovery will be installed on the top floor, while decentralised individual ventilation units, also with heat recovery, will be installed in the apartments in the existing building.

New measuring methods for the assessment of lightweight construction ceilings with regard to impact sound and vibration behaviour

Passive ventilation concept with overflow element for schools

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